Faculty of Economics and Business

Faculty of Economics and Business

S2 Management Science

Welcoming Words from Head of the Program

“Prepare students by learning various choices of Management scientific concentrations so that they can master holistic management science fundamentals of Management Science including theory, methodology, research”


Dr. Rita Komaladewi, S.P., MM.

Head of Masters of Management Science, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University

Program Description

The Master of Management Science Study Program (MIM) is a Masters Study Program (S2) within the Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, which was established in 2011 based on the Decree of the Study Programs from the Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education, Republic of Indonesia No. 20/D/O/2011. The MIM Study Program has been accredited with excellence (A) by BAN PT since May 2, 2018 with BAN-PT SK no. 1225/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/V/2018 with the vision of the study program “To be the Organizer of the Master of Management Science Program with Competitive Advantage at the Global Level in 2026”

Graduate Prospect

MIM graduates can work as lecturers, entrepreneurs, researchers, or a combination of various professions.


Mathematics & Statistics for Management Research & Business Analytics0 Credit
Management & Business0 Credit
Economic Analysis for Management Research & Business0 Credit
Scientific Writing & Publication0 Credit

First Semester 
Philosophy of Management Science2 Credits
1 Elective Course
- Intermediate Marketing Management
- Intermediate Human Resource Management
- Intermediate Financial Management
- Intermediate Operation Management
- Entrepreneurship Management
- Datascience Management & Business Analytics
- Sustainable Ecotourism Management & Policy
- Islamic & Cultural Based Management

3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
Multivariate Analysis and Econometrics for Management Research3 Credits
Strategic Management & Business Analytics3 Credits
Research Methodology for Management Science3 Credits
Total14 Credits

Second Semester 
Cross-Cultural Management2 Credits
1 Elective Course
- Small-Medium Entreprises Management & Development
- Management Information System and Datascience
- Change Management & Inovation
- Database Management & System
- Regulations and Governance on Ecotourism
- Islamic Business Law
- Network Analysis for Business Analytics
- Artificial Intelligence for Business Analytics
- Islamic Financial Market
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
Concentration Courses
- Marketing Management
- Financial Management
- HR Management
- Operation Management
- Entrepreneurship
- Data Science Management & Business Analytics
- Integrated Eco-tourism Management
- Islamic & Culture-based Management

9 Credits
9 Credits
9 Credits
9 Credits
9 Credits
9 Credits
9 Credits
9 Credits
Total14 Credits

Third Semester 
Seminar in Research Proposal 2 Credits
Thesis6 Credits
Total8 Credits

Concentration Courses

Marketing Management 
International Marketing Management3 Credits
Customer Value Chain Management3 Credits
Seminar in Marketing Management3 Credits

Financial Management 
Special Topics in International Financial Management3 Credits
Investment and Financial Engineering3 Credits
Seminar in Financial Management3 Credits

Human Resources Management 
Organizational Behavior Development3 Credits
International Human Resource Management 3 Credits
Seminar in Human Resource Management3 Credits

Operation Management 
Quality Management3 Credits
International Supply Chain Management3 Credits
Seminar in Operations Management3 Credits

Science and Art of Entrepreneurship3 Credits
Business Plan and Simulation Model3 Credits
Seminar in Entrepreneurship Management3 Credits

Data Science Management & Business Analytics 
Decision Support System & Risk Analysis3 Credits
Predictive Analytics and Data Visualization3 Credits
Digital Organization3 Credits

Integrated Eco-Tourism Management 
Concept & Framework of Integrated Eco-tourism Management3 Credits
Community Based Tourism2 Credits
Social Entrepreneurship & Philantrophy2 Credits
Digital Tourism2 Credits

Islamic & Culture-Based Management 
Islamic Fiqh, Jurisprudence and Its History3 Credits
Islamic & Cultural Management Model3 Credits
Seminar in Islamic and Cultural Based Management3 Credits




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